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Our Dedicated


Fire Chief

Tad Rowan

Deputy Administrator

Lindsay Wiley

Fire Marshal

Mark Bray

Fire Prevention Specialist

Mike Tindall

Battalion Chiefs

  • John Rogers, A Shift
  • Jon Cryer, B Shift
  • Brent Culver, C Shift


  • Ryan Sealock, A Shift
  • Troye Floyd, A Shift
  • Bill Martindale, A Shift
  • Bill Luis, B Shift
  • Cory Carwin, B Shift
  • Nate McCullough, B Shift
  • Steve Bush, C Shift
  • Eric McCullough, C Shift
  • Cameron Dillon, C Shift


  • Karl Stegmann, A Shift
  • Jessie Galvan, B Shift
  • Mike McBride, C Shift

Firefighter / EMTs

A Shift

  • Randy Friend
  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • Marc Carlton
  • Jerry Skees
  • Lorra Kennedy
  • Kohl Marconnet
  • Kaycee Heavenridge
  • Mariah Smith

B Shift

  • Travis Williams
  • Marcus Velasquez
  • Mike Whittle
  • Tim Caton
  • Elwood Baylor
  • Bryan Dowdy
  • John Brown
  • Ross Mason

C Shift

  • Heidi Distel
  • Kevin Dunn
  • Austin Stone
  • Phillip Bray
  • Dominic Lovato
  • Ron McClister
  • Shane Polley
  • Antonio Lovato


  • Lawrence Sanderson


  • Ellie Moore

Board of Directors

A five member Board of Directors governs the Montrose Fire Protection District. Board meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Station-1.

Leslie Caimi – Chairperson
Leslie was elected in 2020, her current term is up in 2023

Peter J. Cassidy – Vice Chairperson
Pete was elected in 2020, his current term is up in 2023

James D. Parmenter – Secretary/Treasurer
Jim was elected in 2022, his current term is up in 2025

Gregory L. Bollig 
Greg was elected in 2022, his current term is up in 2025

Lilia Falk
Lilia was appointed in 2022, her current term is up in 2023

Station One

441 South Uncompahgre Ave
Montrose, CO 81401

Station Two

65960 Racine Rd.
Montrose, CO 81401

Station Three

62840 Spring Creek Road
Montrose, CO. 81401

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