The Montrose Fire Department would like to remind everyone spring burning season is here and we would like to provide you with some helpful burning tips to help ensure a safe burning season.

1. Look at the local predicted weather the night before:

(If the winds are predicted high or Am winds are predicted then (DON’T BURN.)

2. Call Montrose Dispatch center at 252-4020 and let them know you will be conducting a controlled burn. (This will help us and you in two ways by finding out if there is a burn ban on and also by reducing the number of false alarms reported to the Fire Department by passer by’s.)

3. Always conduct your burn as early as possible. Finish before noon. (The afternoon winds on normal spring days usually start at 11:00AM)

4. Make sure you have plenty of help (never burn alone) (call your family and friends invite them over for a Breakfast and Burn)

5. Always have safety tools available: shovels, water source, garden hose, fire extinguisher, buckets of water, a cell phone to call 911, and plenty of help.

6. Your personal gear should include leather boots, leather gloves, pants, a sleeved shirt, and safety glasses or goggles.

7. Pre – burn around hazard areas that could be involved if the fire is to get out of control (telephone poles, wood piles, yards, sheds, cars, gated pipe, trees, along fence lines and between neighboring properties. (Remove hazards or flammable materials from the area)

8. Never leave your burn unattended.

9. Always do a double check when the burning is completed to ensure it is “Out” (the after noon wind’s may surprise you by re-igniting your burn).

10. Always be Safe! Don’t wait till it is to late, call 911 if you lose control of your burn!

If you need any additional information regarding burning please feel free to call the Montrose Fire Department at 249-9181.

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